Concert Recap: Freelance Whales

On Saturday, Nov. 3, I had the distinct pleasure of revisiting a Boston venue that I haven’t been inside since I saw The Kills perform in 2009. The venue, Paradise Rock Club, is small and intimate, the perfect setting for any show. When I saw The Kills, I stood right next to the stage and had the time of my life dancing and singing and being right in the middle of everything.

Saturday night provided a very different but equally enjoyable experience. Freelance Whales performed (with opening acts Conveyor and Geographer — neither of which were particularly memorable, in my opinion) and I stood on the balcony, looking down at the stage. The music absolutely filled the room. I stood next to a good friend of mine for the entirety of the show and swayed and sang and bounced around. Despite not being in the middle of everything, as I usually am at concerts, I still felt like I was in the middle of everything. I attribute this feeling to both the venue and to Freelance Whales’ performance.

Never in my life have I been to a show where I felt so utterly hypnotized. The energy in the room on Saturday night was huge — it was the last stop on the Freelance Whales’ tour to support the band’s new record, Diluvia. But the energy was such that I was mesmerized by the performance. I couldn’t stop moving, but those movements were subtle; bursts of energy during certain songs infected everyone in the crowd and it was really incredible to experience the up and down, from mellow to excited to a strange combination of both.

I’ve only been a fan of Freelance Whales for about a year, and I have to say that I didn’t know what to expect from a live show. I had an incredible time, though; I would love to see them a second time, particularly in a festival setting. It seems to me that the band’s music is meant to be played to a large crowd in an open space, and it would be fantastic to experience that. What’s most interesting about this band live is that every member plays every instrument, and they all swap between songs. I had never seen that before and it kept me entertained, because I found myself rearranging songs that I know and love to fit what I saw on the stage.

This recap is short, but the concert was amazing. I just don’t know how else to gush, except to say that I loved it and I love this band and I’m pumped that my friend (who’d never heard any of the music before) opted to come along.

Concert Recap: Freelance Whales

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