Product Review: Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray

I absolutely love the smell of the ocean. Whenever I tell people that I grew up in California, there’s an assumption that I lived a life like that of the characters on “The O.C.” or “Laguna Beach” — full of sunshine and famous people, peppered with nights spent skinny dipping in the ocean and hanging out on the boardwalk.

That couldn’t be farther from the truth. I grew up in the Sierra Mountains, where it snows seven or eight months out of the year and the temperature never gets above 80 degrees Fahrenheit, even on the hottest day in August. The water in Lake Tahoe never gets above 70 degrees and the place is crawling with tourists. It’s not exactly a beach scene.

Nevertheless, I still love the ocean. I love swimming and I love the coldness of it (ha!) and I love the way the salt softens my skin and creases my hair. I’ve invested in a number of products that smell like the ocean, most specifically Lush’s Ocean Salt scrub, which makes my entire bathroom smell like sea salt for hours.

Beach BabeMost recently, while browsing Pinterest, I stumbled across a post about Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray. Since a bottle is only $5.99 on ULTA, I opted to take the plunge and buy one. I’ve only gotten to use it twice, despite purchasing it weeks ago, largely because I’m always wary of putting new products in my hair on days when I have to work or go places. (I’m terrible at getting out of bed early enough to shower and put on a little makeup, let alone play around with new beauty products. What happens if it looks terrible? I’ll be stuck like that all day!)

The first time I used this spray, I didn’t like it much. I followed the directions on the bottle (sort of) and opted to put it in my hair after it was mostly dry, which made my hair feel sticky and gross — though it smelled deliciously of coconut, a perk I loved. No matter how much I brushed, scrunched or combed, my hair remained sticky and a little stringy-looking.

Deciding to do some research, I told a friend my frustration and got the reply that it was best to use this type of spray on wet hair. Oh, well. Okay. Clearly the bottle misled me, then! After doing a little more research on Google, I found similar tips from other people of the Internet.

Today, I opted to try the spray a second time. This time, I followed my friend’s advice — after showering, I towel-dried my hair to get rid of most of the water, then amply applied Beach Babe to my very damp hair. I brushed it through several times, then blow-dried it on high heat for a few minutes. I brushed it a second time, blow-dried it some more, and then brushed it a third time.

After drying and brushing, I pulled my fingers through my hair several times, scrunching and tugging, creating some body and waves. Since my bangs are currently too long to be properly called bangs, I pulled them back and was pleased to note that the spray made the resulting bump look nice!messy rather than annoying!messy.

Sea SaltThis time, my hair not only smells like coconut, it’s soft to the touch! There’s no stickiness and it looks just messy enough without looking gross. There’s some frizziness, but I figure that just makes the look more complete — beach hair is always messy and all over the place. That’s what makes it so fun. I’ve always been of the opinion that beach hair is some of the sexiest hair, so to be able to achieve that look even when I’m living in the middle of the woods in New Hampshire with my parents (is anyone seeing a trend here?) is pretty cool.

My hair is always incredibly straight unless I make a point of making it wavy or curly, and then it doesn’t hold the waves or curls for very long at all. So far, I’ve had this spray in my hair for about two hours and it still looks like it does in the photo I took for this post. I’ll count that as a definite pro.

I’m still not certain if I’ll involve Beach Babe in my daily routine — messy hair doesn’t exactly give off a vibe of professionalism, even in retail (where my tattoos and piercings are completely allowed). But for days off and days out, I’ll definitely be using this texturizing spray more often.

Although, it would be nice to get actual sea-salt-infused hair sometime soon…

Product Review: Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray

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