New to Me Music: Trophy Wives

Photo courtesy of Trophy Wives' website.
Photo courtesy of Trophy Wives’ website.

In December, AR took their younger brother to his first concert. The headliner was Transit and the venue was The Met in Pawtucket, RI. I received a series of texts about the intimacy of the venue (including several about how excited AR is to see The Front Bottoms there in February — after seeing the photos, I am, too) and about the crowd. Those were pretty standard — but what surprised me was that, maybe an hour after those initial texts stopped, I received several more (and even a video) about one of Transit’s opening bands: Trophy Wives.

Now, AR and I have both experienced shows where the openers were either amazing or terrible — and either memorable or non memorable because of it. AR loved Trophy Wives. In their review of the show, they said:

Their music is solid, punch-life-in-the-face-while-wearing-a-crewneck pop punk – I described them to my friend “like Pencey Prep and The Wonder Years had a baby”, high praise coming from me.

Since then, AR has played them in my car more than once and I’ve sort of fallen in love. They remind me more of Four Year Strong than anything, but that’s awesome — I think there needs to be a significantly larger number of posi-pop-hardcore-punk bands in the world, because the style of music is outrageously energetic and super fun. It’s good for a good mood and helps cheer you up when you’re in a bad mood — Trophy Wives make me want to crawl into a pit and punch ten dudes, but in a good way.

The band is based in Providence, RI, which is great because I’m moving there in March. I always like exploring local scenes and getting into small, local bands. Trophy Wives fits that bill perfectly. In fact, they’re opening a show at The Met at the end of February that AR and I are planning to attend just to see them. I’m stoked to see them play live, because I’ve heard such awesome things about them and their recorded stuff is really solid. It’s catchy and interesting, unique enough to keep my attention while also reminding me of bands on this scene that I’ve loved for years.

Of course, part of that is likely the fact that the first thing I ever heard by them was their cover of Sum 41’s “Fat Lip”, which they performed at the Transit show. AR sent me a brief recording of it (and it was apparent that very few people in the crowd knew the lyrics, which makes me feel so old that I can’t stand it) and it was incredible. After some research on the band, I discovered that their cover of the song won them the chance to open for Sum 41 at The Met (are you seeing a theme yet?) in September 2012:

It’s been a while since I’ve fallen so quickly for an opening band — especially one that I didn’t even get to see in person — so it’s nice to have this feeling again. It’s a weird combination of the satisfaction of a good discovery and the joy of knowing that there’s only more to come.  Long story short, if you need more positive, hardcore-esque pop punk in your life, check out Trophy Wives. I assure you that you will not be disappointed.


New to Me Music: Trophy Wives

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