xSamantha. 25, Rhode Island, US.

I’m not entirely sure how or why you’ve stumbled upon my little corner of the Internet, but now that you’re here, you might as well learn some things about the woman behind the blog. As of May 2015 (the last time this page was updated), I’ve taken on the dubious double identity of being a barista by day and a foodie by night. I once aspired to become an English professor (something I’d still love to do), but more recently my passions have turned to food and food writing. Going vegan at the start of the year has really pushed me to learn about flavor profiles and cooking and baking techniques, and being in the kitchen has become one of my favorite hobbies.

In addition to food, I have a lot of opinions on representation, erasure, politics and pop culture. I spend a lot of time writing about all of those topics for Velociriot, an online publication I co-founded in July 2012. Most of my writing focuses on media representation of women, cultural trends, language and music. I also volunteer part-time as a blogger at Ethical Stores, a vegan Etsy alternative. Although I currently work in the food and retail industry, I graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of New Hampshire in 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts in journalism, philosophy and women’s studies. At these publications, I put that degree to good use.

When I’m not doing any of those things, I’m reading, making mixes and playlists, going to concerts, drinking tea, writing fiction, getting emotional about comic books and spending as much time with my cats as possible. My passions include wine, pop punk, books, body modification, comics, travel, recycling, teenage lycanthropes, animals, and food. Sriracha is my favorite condiment, potatoes are the most universal food, and olives deserve to have their own defense squad. I’m also a staunch defender of pop music, teenage girls, and pugs.

Whatever else you need to know about me you can likely find on my blog or in my external links. I’ve provided a portfolio of links to some of my professional work, as well. If you’d like to contact me about freelance work or anything else, please email me at theverbalthing@gmail.com. I recently joined Team iPhone, and I’ve made it a personal mission to get better at not only checking but responding to emails. I love push notifications that aren’t from corporations trying to give me coupons, so feel free.


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