Like my blog posts? Want to get in touch with me elsewhere? You can also find me on a number of social networking sites, chronicling everything from my daily life to my fandom interests to my taste in music to my favorite books. Check out some of the links below for playlists, book recommendations, .gifsets, and more.

Other Projects

A culture and media analysis blog, featuring posts Monday through Friday on current events, trends in media, and more. Velociriot was co-founded by me and Reed in July 2012.

Social Networking

  • 8tracks
    Playlists, playlists, playlists.
  • Elance
    Interested in hiring me as a freelancer? Please do!
  • GoodReads
    I’m always attempting to catch up on my reading.
  • Instagram
    This feed is mostly food, selfies, and pictures of inanimate objects.
    Like my taste? Add me!
  • LinkedIn
    Professionality is a strange beast.
  • Twitter
    My thoughts in 140 characters or less.
  • Tumblr
    Fandom-based posts and reblogs, mixed with a bit of everything else.

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